Sunday in Boston

Though I could never live in a big city such as Boston, I enjoy visiting from time to time. My favorite time to go is on a Sunday. It’s less crowded, and much easier to find free parking. Plus the stress of driving through the city is lessened when there are less people on the road. When I was in college, I didn’t really appreciate all the things that the city had to offer because I had places that I frequent at and there was not really much time to truly explore. While I have lived in this state my entire life, I still don’t know Boston all that well. Instagram has truly served as a wonderful platform to find new spots to check out.

This past Sunday, my little boy and I went up to the city to spend the day with our good friend, Ellie. The weather was not accommodating in the least as it was raining, and gloomy out (I honestly have the best luck when it comes to weather, guys!). It was a good thing that we did not have any set plans on what to do that day, so our flexibility worked in our favor. Here is how we spent our day in Beantown

I literally Swiped “Right.”

From the moment we left the airport, there was never a period of time when we weren’t being affectionate towards one another. I kept calling it, “disgustingly cute.” My self deprecating nature wouldn’t allow me to just simply enjoy the moment, I had to remember the whole feet-planting promises that I made myself. I found it remarkably wonderful that we got so comfortable with one another in such a short period of time. It was as if I knew him my entire life. Simply put, we just clicked straight away. While in Paris, I felt that we got swept up in the romantic setting. However, if you were to choose a place in time where you can be completely and foolishly romantic, wouldn’t you choose Paris? This utterly photogenic city has been an incredible backdrop to our love story.

2017 Travel Highlights

I told myself that I will do whatever it takes to be happy. For 2017, it meant saying "no thanks" to a lot of things; settling for under appreciating jobs, inauthentic friendships, relationships, bad habits, etc. I placed more effort towards doing things that made me more excited for life and a lot of that had to do with traveling. I am not rich by any means, I'm actually pretty broke lol but I just know how to search for deals and steals while also cutting the cost of things that I don't necessarily need. While some people find their happy in things like partying or shopping, I find it with working really hard and saving a ton. At the end of the day, I would like to think that I'm a responsible enough adult whereas I can live a comfortable life within my means. Choose what makes you happy, folks. That's really all I can say. Looking back on this phenomenal year, I am quite pleased with myself for doing what I wanted to do instead of doing what I thought I'm supposed to do.