Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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There was a video on the Blue Lagoon that trended on Facebook for a quite some time, and more and more things kept popping up regarding Iceland so I made the decision that this is the place that I need to visit. While prepping for our winter vacation, I found that it was remarkably cheap to take a pause in Norway to head over Iceland for a few days. Our first stop was today, and it was at none other than the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa!

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We pre bought our tickets, the standard package which is just an entrance into the lagoon and the silica masks. We quickly learned that trying to pinch a penny earlier would cost us a dime later.

Things You’ll Need (that we forgot!): 

  1. Robe
  2. Towel
  3. Flip-Flops
  4. Water-Proof camera case
  5. A bag to carry your stuff
  6. Patience

Being a popular tourists attraction, it was quite difficult to settle into the place. Upon our arrival, we had to wait in a line to get checked in: If you showed up too early, then you’re told to go wait in the lounge until your set time. The staff moves in a quick pace, because they’re trying to get everyone through so if you need anything then you have to make sure to tell them ASAP! Don’t pause because they’re literally trying to shuffle you through. Once you’re up in the locker room, you’ll find that it’s like an absolute zoo in there! There were people everywhere trying to scurry along and get changed. It doesn’t help when everyone is sporting 3 layers of clothing, boots, winter coats, etc. You’re limited to one locker per bracelet, so if you have a child with you — pack accordingly because the lockers aren’t very big! I found that I had to actual stalk people who were leaving to try and take their locker because people were just standing along the walls waiting. They have several changing rooms but it’s difficult to navigate which is open and which is not because there are people everywhere. This was perhaps the most stressful moment for me because not only am I trying to find a locker but I have to change myself, and my son, and there were barely any room to breathe.

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As stressful as it all was, I didn’t expect anything less because it an absolute tourist spot! When we finally did get to dip our toes into the lagoon, it was all worth it. The weather today was not as bad as I had anticipated, temperature wise, because it was about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It was raining on and off but that was actually pretty nice in the lagoon. The average temp of the water was between 98-103 degrees so I think it’s best to be here in the winter time because you sort of get the best of both worlds. There were spots where it was really warm, hot even, and there were spots where it was just luke warm. I was a little nervous regarding my son but he absolutely loved it! It was such a fun thing to do with our little family. There weren’t many children there but the Lagoon is so large that you wouldn’t really be bothered if you were seeking quiet-time. No one was obnoxiously loud and as busy as the inside was, the Lagoon was not bad at all.  I didn’t keep my camera out long for obvious reasons, but we do have plenty of video on our go pro which will eventually get uploaded, lol.

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There are many tourist traps out there but I think this is quite the catch. It was a relaxing thing to do after our flight. The silica mask softened our skin and I can’t imagine a better way to be welcomed to Iceland than to soak in the Lagoon for several hours. Definitely recommend it.

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