Exploring the charming streets of Marseille has continued to fuel my love for Southern France. We were sitting around a table that was a bit wobbly. Think it could use a piece of cardboard or two beneath it to level it out. We ordered some drinks while my friend, Sam, was looking for a decent, and affordable spot to have dinner. Budget traveling meant that we weren’t afforded the luxury to simply go anywhere, especially not in France where a meal can cost you an entire arm. We settled for this place that was right by the water. The view was simply breathtaking, especially as the sun has started to set. When my son ordered fish soup, the waiter cautiously asked him, “are you sure? we have a kids menu.” He later presented an impressed face when Gabe devoured his soup. To be honest, the aroma of the soup was a bit too strong for my liking but he really does have an interesting palette. I ordered tripe that was not cleaned very well, so I left the restaurant hungry.

I’ve always been impressed with how easily kids get attracted to flashy toys. Toys that are meant for the dollar store but yet sellers somehow hustle 10 euros out of you. I was unimpressed with his police car, and he only played with it twice since we bought it. My investment skills suck when it comes to trusting Gabe’s attention span with toys.

It wasn’t a good time to tell Sam that I enjoyed getting lost and figuring my way out. Especially since she couldn’t find any opened exit for home. The car grew quiet. It took us over 2 hours to drive back to Aix of Provence which was normally only a 35 min drive. Still, it was good.

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