2017 Travel Highlights

I told myself that I will do whatever it takes to be happy. For 2017, it meant saying "no thanks" to a lot of things; settling for under appreciating jobs, inauthentic friendships, relationships, bad habits, etc. I placed more effort towards doing things that made me more excited for life and a lot of that had to do with traveling. I am not rich by any means, I'm actually pretty broke lol but I just know how to search for deals and steals while also cutting the cost of things that I don't necessarily need. While some people find their happy in things like partying or shopping, I find it with working really hard and saving a ton. At the end of the day, I would like to think that I'm a responsible enough adult whereas I can live a comfortable life within my means. Choose what makes you happy, folks. That's really all I can say. Looking back on this phenomenal year, I am quite pleased with myself for doing what I wanted to do instead of doing what I thought I'm supposed to do.

7 hrs and 40 mins layover: To Explore or Not Explore?

The flight came to a rumbling halt as our plane landed at Gatwick Airport, different from Heathrow, something that I’ve learned while landing. This entire time, I wrongfully assumed that Gatwick/Heathrow were the same thing. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know, I just assumed. Flashback to a month ago when I gleefully said, “it … Continue reading 7 hrs and 40 mins layover: To Explore or Not Explore?